Van Gompel Advocaten is a niche law firm specializing in corporate law for Belgian, European and Mexican clients. With expertise in contracts, data protection, commercial and corporate law and conflict management. In addition, we provide legal advice on Mexican and Spanish law, supported by our Spanish desk. Tailor made and high end define our DNA.

Who we are


We provide legal services in the areas of corporate and commercial law, contracts and data protection, including corporate housekeeping, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and related litigation (including arbitration and mediation). In our region (Limburg, Belgium), we are known for the quality of our legal services, backed by years of experience and client service.

We take a client-oriented approach and transform the legal problems of our clients into tailor-made and qualitative solutions. Tailor made and high end define our DNA.

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What we do


We focus exclusively on business law and offer legal services to enterprises, such as contracts, data protection, market practices, corporate governance & control, merger and acquisition, intellectual property, as well as the litigation involved.



A solid contract is the basis for a successful business project… (read more)

Conflict management

Discussions with business partners can block the operation of your company… (read more)

Data protection & privacy

We support you with GDPR-related compliance, contract and procedural work… (read more)

Corporate law

We have years of expertise regarding the entire range of corporate company law, from the … (read more)

Commercial law

Our clients are relevant commercial players within their market and are daily… (read more)

Spanish desk

Our Spanish desk is led by Laura van Gompel. Laura joined our team in 2019… (read more)

How we do it


High end solutions

With our expertise we make the difference. We support you with your daily legal challenges, the design and implementation of legal tools for your business strategies.

Client driven

Our advice considers a 360 degree- perspective. The long term interests of our clients prevail over quick wins. Conflicts are solved as soon as possible to limit collateral damages.


From assessment to strategy

We make a legal assessment and cost-benefit analysis for every case. The strategy and tactics are defined and implemented in dialogue with our clients.

Masters in conflict management

We strive for and contribute to negotiated solutions, with full commitment to positive results. We have expertise in mediation & arbitration. We are also experienced litigators who go all the way to win your case.


Spanish desk

Our Spanish desk focusses on assisting Spanish speaking business clients. We have in house expertise in Mexican and Spanish law, supported by our local team in Mexico and Spain. We assist Belgian clients doing business in Mexico, as well as Mexican clients active in Belgium and Europe.


How we stay on top