A solid contract is the basis for a successful business project. It avoids possible conflicts on its execution or termination. We provide pragmatic, tailor-made and intelligent contracts, combining the necessary legal elements with the commercial aspects of your business idea, for one-off transactions or framework projects.


We help you with a.o. the following contracts:


We support you with GDPR-related compliance, contract and procedural work. Together with you, we ensure a workable implementation of the GDPR within your company. We assist your DPO for technical and practical questions and bring your team tailor made in house training.


We assist you with:



We have years of expertise regarding the entire range of corporate company law, from the (re)structuring of your company, its sale to general corporate governance. We also have a thorough knowledge of the specific (legal) procedures regarding mergers, conversions and dispute settlement.


You can rely on us for:


Our clients are relevant commercial players within their market and are daily confronted with legal challenges such as: market practices, insolvency, intellectual property rights, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, etc. We proactively support our clients with their strategy and the legal hurdles towards their business ambitions.



Discussions with business partners can block the operation of your company. Conflict management is imperative to solve the disputes with the less possible harm to your business.

At Van Gompel Advocaten we go for a negotiated solution, possibly within the framework of mediation. We are fair, yet tough players at the negotiating table.



Hans Van Gompel is a recognized mediator and is happy to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of a mediation.

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Within our niches, we are experts in effective litigation. When alternative dispute resolution did not bring the hoped-for result, we carry out a thorough cost-benefit analysis of filing a legal procedure, in which we have large experience: whether in summary proceedings, on unilateral request or by summons.

Our office is also involved in various arbitral proceedings, both as counsel for one of the parties and as a member of the arbitral panel.


Pioneers in the field of law

Our Spanish desk is led by Laura van Gompel.

Laura joined our team in 2019, after living in Mexico for almost 10 years.

Laura was a lawyer at the bar of Mexico for several years, where she obtained her Licenciatura en Derecho from the ITESM University with high honours in 2014.

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Anno 2021 we have our own legal counsel in Mexico and Spain (who support us for example in proceedings before local courts or customs authorities and/or specific advice under Mexican or Spanish law).

With this counsel, our Spanish desk officially took shape.

Assisted by our local teams, our Spanish desk focuses on Mexican companies or companies with Spanish language that want to do business in Belgium or Europe. In the other direction, we provide legal assistance to Belgian and European companies with commercial interests in Mexico.

Who uses our Spanish desk?

Some examples:

What services does the Spanish desk cover?

For all questions, projects and procedures within our areas of expertise: contracts, data protection, commercial and corporate law and the related conflict management.

Some concrete examples:


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