Found out how Maarten Toussaint and Matthias Koopmans experienced their summer internship at Van Gompel Advocaten (VGA).

Maarten Toussaint – 23 September 2021:

“This summer I chose (once more !) for a summer internship at Van Gompel Advocaten.

The firm focuses on broad corporate law (including GDPR). As a summer intern you get to be involved in a wide variety of cases. You are challenged to immerse yourself in contract law, company law, GDPR and the related legislation or even procedural rules.

The reason why I opted for an internship at Van Gompel Advocaten this summer is because it allows you, as an intern, to make big improvement in several areas of your development towards a future lawyer role.

As an intern at the firm, you actually get to be assigned with relevant (!) tasks, such as research, drafting letters, etc. Master Hans Van Gompel and the other lawyers then work further on the solution / draft that you have come up with. You will receive an explanation and feedback and you get to be remain involved in the further settlement of the case/question.

Moreover, VGA tries to involve the trainees as much as possible in the contact with clients (with their consent). In this way you will experience the dynamics of such a contact/conversation. The file you are working on is thus not limited to a bundle of papers. It gets real.

Mr. Hans Van Gompel also takes plenty of time to give you feedback or make adjustments as an intern. With his years of experience, he can give you as a student a more intellectual and practical view and you are regularly encouraged to come up with a more pragmatic solution.

Finally, the internship also offers an opportunity to develop your social skills and build a network. There are often other summer students at the firm that you can work with. In addition, there is also a friendly atmosphere in the office, which makes everyone very accessible.

I can only advise every student reading this to start a summer internship at VGA. Progress as a legal practice and as a person is guaranteed.”


Matthias Koopmans – 24 September 2021:

“In September 2021 I had the opportunity to get a taste of the law profession at Van Gompel Advocaten. Under the guidance of Mr. Van Gompel, I saw my course books and legal texts come to life and interact with our multifaceted society.

Thanks to this interaction, the importance of basic concepts was once again emphasized, the skills to discover the relevant legal questions from a statement of facts sharpened. I was also able to finetune a certain finesse necessary to conduct research in niche legal matters. Every day was a new experience.

It was always relaxing and fun to get to know the other colleagues over coffee (and the occasional cake) in the afternoon, as well as hearing about their experience and getting to know them better on a personal level.

It is with satisfaction that I look back to the internship, about my own achievements and the cooperation that was offered to me!”


Elise Strauven – September 2021 – As a result of the implementation of the reformed Belgian Insolvency Act[1], a bankrupt natural person, can obtain remission of his (remaining) debts.

This is particularly interesting for (daily) managers, CEO’s or sole proprietaries or single person businesses.

A formal request for remission should be filed before the competent Commercial Court, either at the time of the bankruptcy declaration or after the publication of the insolvency judgment in the Belgian Official Gazette. In any case, the request must be prior to the hearing at which the court must rule on the closure of the bankruptcy.

Interested parties, including the public prosecutor, the creditors, and the trustee, may oppose to the request. They can ask for the remission to be granted only partially or even refused. They will have to prove that the debtor-bankrupted has committed serious errors that have contributed to the bankruptcy.

If you have filed a request for remission as a bankrupt natural person and there is no opposition, the Commercial Court must, in principle, grant the remission in full.

Would you like to submit a request for remission? Contact us for more information.


[1] Artikel XX.173 van de Wet houdende invoeging van het Boek XX “Insolventie van ondernemingen”, in het Wetboek van economisch recht, en houdende invoeging van de definities eigen aan Boek XX en van de rechtshandhavingsbepalingen eigen aan Boek XX in het Boek I van het Wetboek van economisch recht, BS 11 september 2017.