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Recent modifications to the Civil Code for the Federal District (Mexico City)

Laura Van Gompel – August 31st 2021 – At the beginning of August 2021, some modifications to the Civil Code for the Federal District (“Code”) were published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City. These modifications mainly aimed at including and recognizing the use of electronic means for certain aspects of family, contract and company […]

Basic steps to open a business in Mexico

Laura Van Gompel – August 31st 2021 – A foreign company that wishes to start business in Mexico can do so by opening a branch or signing a partnership/joint venture with a local company. However, the foreign investor can also decide to constitute a new company in Mexico, i.e. a legal entity pursuant to Mexican […]

The GDPR and its impact for Mexican companies

Laura Van Gompel – August 31st 2021 – The GDPR most certainly also had an impact outside the EU, for example in Mexico. As a result of the GDPR, modified compliance and data protection programs worldwide, many Mexican companies had to adapt to new processes or practices imposed by their European business partners or parent […]

The Belgian tax regime for copyrights explained

Lieze Czech – July 29th, 2021 – Belgian law provides for a tax friendly treatment of copyright income, provided certain conditions are met. Do you create literary and artistic works, and do you transfer or license your copyrights in exchange for a renumeration? Then you might benefit from this favorable tax regime. This article explains […]

How can an employer secure the inventions of his employees?

Melike Orhay – July 2021 – When a principal gives instruction for a job that implies an invention or creation, he shall wish to claim the corresponding intellectual property rights; especially if the inventor is a payroll employee, paid for the specific task. However, under Belgian law, the intellectual property rights (including the rights to […]

Why registering your own trademark is one of the best investments

Lieze Czech – July 29th, 2021 – When starting a business, there is one step that many entrepreneurs overlook: The registration of their trademark. A registered trademark protects you in a lawsuit, provides constructive notice of your property and, perhaps the most important, creates a brand which your customers respond to. What is a trademark? […]

How to protect your domain name from cybersquatting?

Lieze Czech – July 29th, 2021 – It frequently occurs that a company or trademark owner discovers that a third party has registered ‘their’ domain name that is the one corresponding to their trademark (or a very similar one).  This is often accompanied by a proposal from the third party to sell the domain name […]

Protection of your ideas without publication

Anton Van Spaendonck – July 28th 2021 – When a company wants to protect its inventions, filing for a patent is seems the obvious choice. A patent can be filed for if the invention is new, industrially applicable and the result of an innovativeness. The patent protection then guarantees the right to use the invention commercially […]